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If you choose to supply your email address you will receive first notification of specials, last minute openings, FREE product and discounts that will only be offered to our email users. 


The Audubon provides a weekly e-blast through email letting our clients know what last minute openings we have for the next two business days.  The e-blast also contains the monthly specials, the occasional important announcement and our "freebie codes" which give you access to complimentary product.  Although this has been a huge success (as so many of our guests utilize it and have provided tons of positive feed-back) we recognize that some of you may find that it’s a nuisance.  If you feel it wouldn’t provide you with opportunity, feel free to stop the service by scrolling down to the bottom of any e-blast and hitting the ‘safeunsubscribe’ button.  (Or maybe just keep it around and hit delete each time until the day you need it).  But just know that once you unsubscribe you cannot be added back in with the same email address.


As a new client you will automatically receive a ‘New Client Survey’ through email within 30 days.  We would truly appreciate your feed-back.


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